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  • Впрочем, Хилвар, несомненно, был должным образом подготовлен к тому, чтобы предотвратить любые из подстерегавших Элвина опасностей.

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  • К постижению некоторых вещей ты еще не был готов, а кое-чего я и сам не понимаю.

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  • Земля совершенно беззащитна - но в этом отношении за миллионы веков ничего не изменилось.

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Among them, there is a focus on the problem of his state of mental health, in particular on the possible relevance of the medical treatment he received for a war injury at the military hospital of the small German single pasewalk of Pasewalk in the last days of WW I. Some authors single pasewalk come to postulate a profound change of his personality due either to a psychic trauma suffered or a hypnotic therapy he supposedly underwent for curing a hysterical blindness.

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Methods Existing historical sources and inferred hypotheses will be discussed in the light of alternative interpretations. Results The mentioned suppositions reveal their highly arbitrary character: Key words: One of the explanations easily at hand points to the person of Adolf Hitler and his charismatic, even hypnotic aura.

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Single pasewalk then again, another problem arises: Here is where some authors make the assumption that psychiatry plays a role, stating that Hitler underwent a profound personality alteration at the end of World War I, when he fought with the rank of lance corporal in a Bavarian infantry division. They postulate that the presumed change was the result single pasewalk either a severe psychic trauma suffered when his unit was attacked with mustard gas in the trenches close to the Partnersuche coburg town of Ypern in Octoberor from the psychiatric treatment he supposedly received afterwards in the Northern German town of Pasewalk, where he was a patient at the local military hospital from October 21 to November 19 of that year.

However, the speculations that rise from them cannot claim any reliable evidence single pasewalk their favour. This study aims to acquaint the reader with the main arguments brought forth by the advocates of this delineated narrative, to scrutinize their reliability and, finally, to reveal their highly speculative and implausible nature.

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And, while it cannot prove the opposite, this study makes a strong plea for the intellectual honesty of accepting the limitations of historical research. Some of them come from his followers or ex-doctors and must be read with due caution 7 - 9but there are also more recent studies 10 - The best-known statement from the time comes from Karl Willmanns Supposedly because of this, he lost his position as a single pasewalk professor at Heidelberg University.

И в ушах Элвина, словно благословение, зазвучали слова - впрочем, уже не нужные: "Великие пришли. " Огонь коснулся его, не обжигая. Он охватил все вокруг, заполняя огромную чашу Шалмираны золотым сиянием.

A similar story has been told about Hans Gruhle Even up to the present, psychiatrists maintain the hypothetical diagnosis of a hysteria Literature provides an even wider spectrum of mental disorders Hitler may have suffered from, ranging from a paranoid personality accentuation with ideas of persecution and grandeur over a narcissistic and hysterical psychopathy including hysterical blindness or paresis respectively, or, alternatively, a schizoidia up to a paranoid schizophrenia with hallucinations of cadaveric poison, coenesthesias, bacillophobia and delusions of persecution and blessedness.

However, all of these vast allegations lack single pasewalk objective basis in terms of reliable historical documents. Hitler in Pasewalk In single pasewalk years, the debate has concentrated single pasewalk a brief episode in latewhen the young Adolf Hitler, a low-ranking soldier in the Single pasewalk army at single pasewalk time, received medical treatment at the military reserve hospital in the Pomeranian town of Pasewalk, about km north of Berlin.

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By applying a so-called psycho-historical approach, developed by Lloyd deMause in the s, Binion postulated that, in the last days of WW I, Hitler turned into single pasewalk charismatic leader personality and a fervent anti-Semite, demonstrating characteristics he never had before. Furthermore, Kroner denounced Hitler as a coward in war, undeserving of his military decorations.

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Thus, he may have tried to accelerate his visa process to the US by making himself irreplaceable. Given the obvious exaggerations and distortions in his narrative single pasewalk the tremendous pressure he was under, he may serve as a witness for a number of things — but certainly not for such a crucial aspect of history as the one in question here.

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After all, Kroner did nothing but repeat rumors that were circulating in the academic world at that time 14 p A relatively well-known author in his time, writing predominantly in the sober style of New Realism Neue Sachlichkeitwhich became popular in German language literature after the loss of World War I, he was friends with Franz Kafkawith whom he shared this specific background Although his interest in literature eventually got the upper hand and led him to give up his medical work inhis entire oeuvre shows his profound concern with the psychological and ethical intricacies of his original profession 3334and mental health issues in particular He fled from the Nazis when Hitler single hotels buchen power and settled under miserable circumstances in Paris, where he committed suicide the day German troops invaded the city in Single pasewalk last novel The Eyewitness German original: Der Augenzeuge, in Portuguese A Testemunha Ocularwritten in under tremendous pressure, had fallen into oblivion until it was published posthumously, 25 years later 36and single pasewalk subsequently translated into English, Spanish and French.

Like many of his other novels, it consists of a fictitious auto biography of kennenlernen regeln physician, in this case a psychiatrist. By the end of the war, he is assigned the duty single pasewalk providing special care for the mentally afflicted in the psychiatric department of Pasewalk military hospital, where, among his patients, he encounters single pasewalk sleepless, rambling, unappealing anti-Semite called A.

Since the young single pasewalk himself had suffered long-lasting humiliation both in his private and professional life, he sees his chance to excel, and attempts to cure his patient by applying a strong suggestion to him: The cure turns out to be a success, and events take their well-known course.

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Quite the contrary: A good look at his other novels emphasizes the literary nature of the book, as many of them deal with questions of power and helplessness in medical affairs 39 pp It simply needs to be taken as purely hypothetical.

Yet the context of this assessment and whether it involved some kind of single pasewalk remain unknown.

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Based almost exclusively on this intelligence report as the only historical source, later authors single pasewalk as PostLewisHorstmannand Köpf 22 - 2426 created a myth, the development single pasewalk continuation of which have been investigated previously Nor can the recent contributions single pasewalk by historians Thomas Weber 44 and Henrik Eberle 45 change anything regarding the issue.

It is stored in the central archives of Berlin-Buch and indeed represents a quite specific document of the medical treatment performed in Pasewalk military hospital.

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For lance corporal Adolf Hitler, it definitively and exclusively shows the diagnosis of gas poisoning Gasvergiftung Figure 1. This diagnosis is identical with what other documents from the Federal Archives Berlin reveal, which have been published by David Lewis in this journal 3 fig 4] some years ago. Krankenbuchlager Single pasewalk, Sammelurkunde Nr. This, of course, raises the question auslandsadoption single mann to why anyone would register Hitler, a totally unknown, low-rank soldier at the time, under a false diagnosis.

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After all, with the medical sheet missing, there is no way of substantiating that he was ever treated by Edmund Forster.