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Open in a separate window NOTE. The majority of the studies investigated flirten im business staffing. This single hirschhorn be because nurses are the largest workforce in hospitals, and although the number of nurses has grown in the past few years, a shortage still exists and is predicted to become worse in the coming years [ 56 ].

Also, nurses have the most direct and continuous role in performing the procedures and interventions on which the risk of infection often hinges, making them a critical component of infection prevention. Although the limitations in the study designs make single hirschhorn unable to determine a specific evidence-based nurse staffing level benchmark that is associated with a decreased risk of HAI, trends are apparent from this body of research.

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For example, although only 2 investigators studied ventilator-associated pneumonia [ 2325 ], both reported that patients who were cared for in an intensive care unit with lower levels of nurse staffing had an increased risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia. Although the exact mechanism for this association was not studied, it is possible that when staffing levels are reduced, the nurses are unable to provide recommended care, such single hirschhorn keeping the head of the patient bed elevated [ 57 ].

It may seem surprising that care by float nurses versus full-time permanent staff nurses in intensive care units could put single hirschhorn patient at risk of HAI. Hospital administrators, nurse managers, and infection control professionals should be aware of the importance neue leute kennenlernen siegen interdisciplinary team work and the need for both single hirschhorn training and adequate nurse staffing in reducing the risk of HAI.

There is sparse evidence that examines the impact of staffing of infection control departments and availability of physicians in the prevention of HAI. This study established a connection between elements single hirschhorn infection control programs and provided strong evidence that hospitals with more staffing and more intense infection control processes had lower rates of HAI. However, the study has not been updated, and evidence to inform current practice is seriously lacking [ 60 ].

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For example, the investigators of the original study recommended that hospitals employ at least 1 full-time infection control professional for every occupied beds; because of the lack of more-recent data, this outdated ratio is sometimes applied as the standard today. Although this ratio may have been single hirschhorn many years ago, there have been many changes in health care delivery, such as shorter lengths of stay, increased patient acuity, and an increased risk of HAI, including HAI due to multiple-drug resistant organisms [ 61 — single hirschhorn ].

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Although there has been a single hirschhorn of reports that describe infection control staffing [ 6465 ], no researchers single hirschhorn updated this study. The use of the outdated ratio may be contributing to the persistent nature of the HAI problem. Throughout this body of research, there were a number of methodological flaws.

In many of the larger multisite studies, the research teams used administrative data sets to examine both staffing and infection variables. These studies have a number of limitations.

This method is not precise, is not unit specific, and is likely to introduce measurement error [ 66 ]. Another limitation in single hirschhorn of these studies is the identification of infections with use of diagnoses and procedure codes recorded in administrative data. Previous studies have found that ICD codes and other hospital administrative databases did partnervermittlungen baden-württemberg accurately identify patients who had a central line—associated BSI, as defined by the CDC [ 67 ].

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When these issues are considered, it is likely that variability in the measurement of both staffing and HAI each contribute to the mixed results found in these studies. Indeed, because of the limitations of ICD codes and the identification of HAI, others may not have single hirschhorn these studies for review. However, we chose to include this body of evidence, because these studies are often cited and often impact policy, such as the legislated minimum nurse-to-patient ratios in California hospitals.

More-precise measurements of staffing and HAI may be obtained directly from the institution. However, the burden of data collection often limits research to smaller studies from single institutions.

Single-site studies often lack sufficient single hirschhorn size and have limited statistical power.

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Much of the reviewed research used cross-sectional or cohort design, which limits the interpretation to association, not causality. For example, 1 multisite study had many strengths, including the fact single hirschhorn all hospitals used the CDC protocols to identify HAI and multiple methods were used to control for patient severity of illness and differences single hirschhorn settings [ 67 ]. However, even though the researchers found significant associations between staffing and various HAIs, the interpretation was limited by the cross-sectional study design.

It is possible single hirschhorn there were unmeasured organizational traits, besides staffing, that were responsible for the observed effect. Another group of researchers who used administrative data alone conducted a longitudinal study and analyzed variation over time within a setting using a fixed-effect statistical model [ 27 ].

Analytically, this is a much stronger design than a cross-sectional study, because it controls for differences in the setting that are time invariant e. Although freiburg singletrail researchers found that nurse staffing had a diminishing marginal effect on reducing inpatient mortality, they did not find a similar significant effect on HAI.

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This may be attributable to the use of the administrative data to identify HAI. More-rigorous research is needed. Both the staffing and infection variables should be operationalized with the use of reliable and valid measures. The strongest design would be a multisite, randomized, controlled trial; however, this may not be feasible or pragmatic. A single hirschhorn single hirschhorn uses a cluster randomization may be possible. This review has limitations. Only English-language articles published after were included in the audit.

The language limitation was necessary because of resources. With the changes in the health care system over the past 20 years, we believe that limiting the search to publications after is justified. Besides the SENIC study [ 61 ], we do not know of another seminal study examining other personnel categories that single hirschhorn omitted from the present review. Every attempt was made to be comprehensive in the search strategy; however, we may have missed eligible articles.

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To ensure that the abstraction was consistent and accurate, 2 readers abstracted each data element and compared abstractions.

Any discrepancies were discussed.

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Although we attempted to report the studies in a consistent manner e. Although it is tempting to pool the data and compute weighted averages, with the methodological flaws we observed, we did not believe this to single hirschhorn single hirschhorn. This review examining hospital staffing and HAI was comprehensive.

Although nurse staffing was most thoroughly studied, additional rigorous single hirschhorn is warranted with use of standard CDC definitions of HAI and more-accurate single hirschhorn consistent measures of nurse staffing. With the increased use of hospitalists, physician assistants, and other health care providers, more research is needed that incorporates the many disciplines of staffing. Finally, the role and scope of practice of epidemiologists and infection control professionals is changing and increasing.

Rigorous research characterizing infection control departments that are effective in preventing HAI in different settings and hospital types is needed. Supplementary Material Click here to view. Footnotes Potential single hirschhorn of interest All authors: References 1.

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