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Hadamard single pixel camera, Compressed Imaging at Long Range in SWIR | dkp-krefeld.de


    Richard Baraniuk Humans are visual animals, and imaging sensors that extend our reach — cameras — have improved dramatically in recent times thanks to the introduction of CCD and CMOS digital technology.

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    Consumer digital cameras in the mega-pixel range are now ubiquitous thanks to the happy coincidence that the semiconductor material of choice for large-scale electronics integration silicon also happens to readily convert photons at visual wavelengths into electrons.

    On the contrary, imaging at wavelengths where silicon is blind is considerably more complicated, bulky, and expensive.

    hadamard single pixel camera

    In this paper, we present a new approach to building simpler, smaller, and cheaper digital cameras that can operate efficiently across a much broader spectral range than conventional silicon-based cameras.

    Our approach fuses hadamard single pixel camera new camera architecture based on a digital micromirror device DMD — see Sidebar: Spatial Light Modulators with the new mathematical theory and algorithms of compressive sampling CS — see Sidebar: Compressive Sampling in a Nutshell.

    hadamard single pixel camera

    CS combines sampling and compression into a single nonadaptive linear measurement process [1—4]. Rather than measuring pixel samples of the scene under view, we measure inner products.

    hadamard single pixel camera