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History[ edit ] Central station in about steel engraving The second building during the inauguration of the Ernest August Monument ; virtual cutting of dating hannover germany donation of a full page of The Illustrated London News The first station on the current site, a temporary building that served the line to Lehrtewas erected in Instead of building a monumental terminus, a through station was built along with the line, making it the first through station in a major German city.

The first central station Central-Bahnhof was built from to Its architect is not certain, but it is sure that the far-sighted city architect August Heinrich Andrae [2] was involved in selecting its specific location and that the Hanoverian court architect Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves and Ferdinand Schwarz contributed to it.

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It was built in a romantic- neoclassical style as a strictly symmetrical building. The massive masonry was covered in yellow plaster.

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Roads led from several directions and converged on the station forecourt, the Ernst-August-Platz. A wooden platform area was built next to the entrance building and on each side of the two tracks.

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That was enough for the first traffic because the still short trains running to the east and the west stopped at the same platform. There were no through trains initially. The first through train ran from 1 May between Berlin and Cologne.

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The first railway workshop was built opposite the station building. Inthe opening of the first section of the Southern Railway to AlfeldGöttingen and Kassel made the through station into a railway junction.

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A marshalling yard was established in Hainholz to relieve the station in The increasingly dense traffic on the railway created a problem since the railway line cut through the city. It was decided in to raise the railway line through the urban area by a height of 4.

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The old station building was demolished in The route built between and became the model dating hannover germany the Berlin Stadtbahn and similar projects in other Dating hannover germany cities. Ina yard for general freight was established at Weidendamm.

In addition, the new station had a long system of tracks.

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After preparatory work in to relocate the workshops to Leinhausen and the marshalling yards to Hainholz and the construction of freight diversion routes, construction of the core network, which still exists, began in It was again a symmetrical building was für fragen zum kennenlernen a main hall and two wings, each of which was completed by a corner building.

The eastern corner building with its Kaiserzimmer "Emperor's room" had a separate driveway.

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The building was designed in yellow brick with red brick stripes and a sandstone base. The four platforms with seven platform tracks and two through tracks were spanned by two halls with a metre span.

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After the demolition of the nearly year-old station building, the construction of the new station began in April It was opened on 22 June after 26 months of construction. Access to the platforms was via three tunnels and there were two more tunnels for the transport of luggage and for postal traffic.

The system of tracks finished in comprised seven platform tracks and two central through dating hannover germany for freight trains. The construction cost The new hall, made of steel, had a span of In the timetable of summerHanover station had a total of scheduled long-distance arrivals and departures. Only the skeleton of the halls and the outer walls of the dating hannover germany hannover germany building remained.

dating hannover germany

It took four days to re-open one track. On 13 Junedating hannover germany services ran for the first time after the war to MindenNienburg and Göttingen.

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On 14 August, passenger services were significantly expanded. On 15 AugustHanover was again served for the first time after the war by the Nord Express running from Paris by Berlin and thus reconnected to the international long-distance network.

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After the severe bomb damage, the reconstruction of the entrance building began in the summer ofresulting in a facade with newly designed interiors and the remaining steel work of the roofs of the old halls was removed and the platforms were covered by temporary wooden canopies. Dating hannover germany platforms were rebuilt from to and the baggage platforms disappeared as baggage lifts were built on the passenger platforms.

The middle entrance was widened, the side pedestrian tunnel was closed and the platforms received new canopies.

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Sincesignals and switches were controlled by a mechanical interlocking. Inthe fifth platform was extended on track 12 tracks 5 and 6 were through tracks without platforms. Coming from the south, electrification of the tracks reached Hannover Hauptbahnhof on 26 May Electrification was extended to Lehrte on 20 December and to Bremen on 14 December The connection to Hamburg was electrified at the end dating hannover germany and the two tracks to Celle were electrified on 6 April The overhead line from Lehrte via Brunswick to Helmstedt was not completed until Construction of the Hanover StadtBahn[ edit ] View from Raschplatz of the back of the station The construction of the Hanover Stadtbahn caused far-reaching alterations to the station.

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Since the entire station had to be operated during the reconstruction, construction was only possible by blocking tracks. Between July and dating hannover germany spring ofa sixth platform was built on tracks 13 and For this, the central pedestrian tunnel was blocked and access to the platforms was via the re-opened side tunnel.

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As part of this restructuring the through track 6 was shifted to lie between platform tracks 8 and 9, while the through track 5 now 40 remained at the old place now